Anti-collision system

Safety on site is a top priority. With AMCS’ anti-collision systems, we guarantee continuous safety as well as comfort for operators. Our services include both rental and sales.

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We are an established name within the anti-collision sector and are an exclusive partner of AMCS, a leading brand from France. Our expertise is underlined by the fact that we introduced the first anti-collision systems in Belgium. We are pioneers with a track record of success.


Anti-collision systems: safety and innovation

At RDS, safety comes first and we are committed to creating advanced solutions that make the work environment safer. Our continuous quest for quality and innovation has brought us to the frontline of the industry. Our anti-collision systems go beyond protection; they set new standards for safety and efficiency on site, keeping your employees and your operations protected.


Rental of anti-collision systems: maximum safety with minimum effort

At RDS, we understand that efficiency is a crucial factor, especially in demanding sectors such as transport and construction. That’s why we go beyond product sales and also offer rental solutions for the tower crane market with more than 250 systems in our own rental fleet. You can count on maximum safety with minimum effort.

Why choose RDS?

  • Pioneering and experience: As the very first provider of anti-collision systems in Belgium and the Netherlands, we have a deep understanding of the complex needs and challenges of our industry. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as the most trusted source for reliable safety solutions.
  • Independent solutions: We value your flexibility. Our independent nature allows us to implement systems on cranes of various brands. This means you are not limited to one specific crane brand and instead have the freedom to choose the best solution for your needs. Our goal is to achieve your safety goals, regardless of the type of crane you use.


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