Optional modules

Haal meer uit Kiloweb Online met de Optionele Modules. Bekijk hier welke module, in functie van uw behoeften, interessant kan zijn.

Optional modules Is available for:


In summary, there are three optional modules: 'Touch & Go', 'Interface my ERP' and 'Ready My Plate'. Each module is explained in more detail below. Would you like more info? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical details

Touch & Go:
Via a touch screen, the driver goes trough a series of predetermined steps to identify and weigh his vehicle and cargo.
This module offers many advantages: user-friendly and simple interface for drivers, multi-language support (up to 17 languages), various scenarios configurable for entering the weighing data (based on relation, selected product), can be combined with barcode scanner or badge reader.
Interface My ERP:
The ERP system (SAP, Navision...) exchanges records/orders with Kiloweb who verifies and processes them.
Read My Plate:
The vehicles' license plates are scanned and filed away or compared with the data in the file.