At RDS, we take an all-embracing approach to roads. Our wide-ranging weighbridges and advanced onboard weighing systems – where we manage both production and software in-house – ensure your measurement results are accurate. Find out how our weighing solutions take your weighing processes to the next level.

Deze afbeelding werd genomen vanuit een cabine. Daarin zijn volgende zaken zichtbaar: het RDS Loadmaster Alpha 100 weegsysteem, de Epson printer, een deel van de stoel, alsook twee poken en enkele bedieningstoetsen.

Onboard weighing systems

Use our onboard weighing systems to weigh accurately anytime, anywhere. Rely on us for the utmost reliability with weighing systems. Discover how our systems make your work activities more efficient and profitable.


Want to determine the exact weight of your vehicles and loads? Weighbridges are the bedrock of accurate weighing processes. Explore our product range and discover how our robust systems help you manage your goods flows and weighing needs.

Calibration service

Our calibration service provides accurate and certified calibrations for weighing equipment. Our extensive expertise ensures we can always guarantee reliable weighing processes and guaranteed precision.


Kiloweb is our digital gateway for weighing data and reports. This software optimises your weighing processes, simplifies data analysis and leads to better decision-making and more efficient business management.