Precise weight determination for construction, industrial and agricultural environments. RDS Weighing & Safety offers weighbridges, axle weighers and platform weighers, with a strong focus on customisation, flexibility and high-quality service.

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Always load correctly with weighbridges from RDS

Our weighbridges are designed to weigh accurately and reliably in various industries, ranging from logistics and construction to agriculture and industry. At RDS Weighing & Safety, we strive to provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly suit the unique needs of our customers. Moreover, we provide high-quality service and support to ensure that your weighing processes run optimally – so you can rely on precise measurement results.


Features of our weighbridges

  • Built-in and surface-mounted weighbridges that integrate seamlessly into your workspace
  • Axle weighers for accurate vehicle inspections
  • Efficient platform weighers for various filling purposes
  • Full automation of your weighing processes
  • Custom-made, web-based weighing package for effortless management. Also compatible with mobile weighing systems


Customisation, rental options and calibration service

At RDS Weighing & Safety, we recognise the uniqueness of each project. Our commitment to customisation and flexibility ensures that our weighbridges perfectly match your specific needs.

Customisation and flexibility

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we customise our weighbridges to match your exact requirements and environment.

Rental options and calibration service

We offer flexible rental options for temporary applications as well as full purchase. We also offer full calibration services to meet regulations.

Why choose RDS?

  • Price and service: we distinguish ourselves with affordable prices and excellent service
  • In-house software and service: our in-house software package, combined with excellent service, makes us unique
  • Full support: we offer end-to-end services, including calibration services to meet regulations
  • Customisation expertise: we offer custom solutions, such as signage and custom cabinets in addition to weighbridges


Discover our products

Check out our extensive range of weighbridges, designed to meet your requirements:

Axle weighers
Platform scales
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