Vision solutions

Discover high-quality camera and monitoring systems with vision solutions by AMCS and Orlaco. Reinforce safety and efficiency, as well as comfort and ergonomics in your working environment.

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We are a proud partner of AMCS for digital camera systems for tower cranes and the exclusive representative in Belgium for Orlaco’s innovative vision solutions. Our expertise extends beyond sales – we assemble and provide full support for seamless integration.


Vision solutions for various sectors

  • Transport sector: reliable camera systems for trucks, such as blind-spot cameras and rear-view cameras to improve safety
  • Forklift market: forklift cameras for precision and efficiency
  • Ports: custom-made ship-to-shore solutions for optimisation
  • Construction sector: various camera systems help operators to better understand their surroundings and avoid obstacles
  • Reclamation sector: reclamation processes require a safe and smooth progression. Increase efficiency and safety in reclamation thanks to the right camera systems
  • Agriculture sector: prevent crop damage and increase safety thanks to camera systems that improve the management of large agricultural vehicles


Rental of vision solutions: focus on efficiency

At RDS, we understand that efficiency is a crucial factor, especially in demanding sectors such as transport and construction. That’s why we go beyond product sales and also offer rental solutions for our high-quality vision solutions.

AMCS’ advanced digital camera system is available exclusively for the tower crane market and is available for rent as a specialised vision solution. It not only optimises visibility, but also improves the safety and efficiency of tower crane operations.

Why choose RDS?

At RDS, we are more than just a partner – we are your complete solution to a variety of vision problems. We are committed to:

  • Providing expert advice and tailor-made solutions for any vision problem
  • Offering the powerful Orlaco brand that is synonymous with quality and reliability
  • Providing exclusivity as the sole representative of Orlaco in Belgium, guaranteeing access to the most advanced vision solutions on the market


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