Onboard Weighing systems

Charging your vehicles correctly and to maximum? Mesuring is knowing! The reliable weighing systems from RDS assure you correct weighing at all times.

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The right load every time, with onboard weighing systems by RDS

A market leader in mobile weighing systems, RDS Weighing & Safety offers both calibrated and non-calibrated onboard weighing systems for various sectors, including recycling, construction, transport, mining and agriculture. Our advanced systems are specially designed for accurate and efficient weighing, so you can rely on consistent precision.


Our offer in a nutshell

Why choose RDS?

  • Years of expertise in mobile weighing technology
  • Quick response and excellent service
  • In-depth knowledge of machinery and precise fine-tuning
  • Flexible solutions for various brands
  • Specialist in calibration and recalibration of weighing systems
  • End-to-end service: from assembly to troubleshooting, calibration and recalibration
  • Fine-tuning: our mobile weighing systems are very precisely tuned

Discover our products

Check out our extensive range of mobile onboard weighing systems designed to meet your needs: