Beacon Systems for Safe Construction Environments

Experience the reliability of RDS beacon systems, designed for safety in crane construction. Our day and night beacon systems, with both medium and low intensity, offer indispensable functionalities to ensure a safe working environment. Whether it concerns the erection of tower cranes around airports and heliports or other demanding situations, the infallible operation of our beacons guarantees the safety of everyone on the construction site.

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Day/Night Beacon: Medium Intensity

Specifically designed for buildings, top cranes, and tower cranes. Configurable according to ICAO regulations with white daytime lighting and options for red nighttime lighting. This system offers guaranteed safety in all conditions.


Night Beacon: Low Intensity

Suitable for buildings and cranes, meets strict ICAO requirements. It includes three standard lights for installation at the top, end of the boom, and end of the jib or in the mast.

At RDS, we understand the crucial role of safety on the construction site. Invest in reliable beacon systems from RDS. Contact us for more information or request a quote.