At RDS, we believe safety is paramount. Our comprehensive range of safety solutions protects and enhances your workplace. At RDS, we guarantee the safety of your projects with innovative vision solutions, powerful anti-collision systems, and more.

Zichtoplossingen is één van de systemen die RDS Weighing and Safety aanbiedt.

Vision solutions

Improve your visibility and increase safety. Our vision solutions provide clarity and precision that reduce risks and increase efficiency. Our camera and monitor systems transform your viewpoint to help create a safe and ergonomic workplace.

Anti-collision systems

Use our anti-collision systems to prevent costly accidents and damage. RDS offers advanced technology to prevent collisions with tower cranes and lattice cranes both on-site and in ports. Our systems protect your projects and staff.

Deze foto werd genomen vanuit de cabine van een gele torenkraan. In deze cabine is op de voorgrond een antibotssysteem van het type DCS61-S te zien, op de achtergrond is de giek van de torenkraan te zien, alsook een andere torenkraan en zicht op de werf.
Veiligheidsoplossing, meer bepaald uit de categorie bebakening, aangeboden door RDS Weighing & Safety.

Beacon Systems

Experience the reliability of RDS beacon systems, designed for safety in crane construction. Our day and night beacon systems, with both medium and low intensity, offer indispensable functionalities to ensure a safe working environment. Whether it concerns the erection of tower cranes around airports and heliports or other demanding situations, the infallible operation of our beacons guarantees the safety of everyone on the construction site.


RDS anemometers provide accurate measurements of wind speeds and ensure perfect stability of cranes or buildings. These measuring instruments are used in various machines, including buildings, top cranes, tower cranes, and telescopic cranes.

Op de voorgrond is een anemometer te zien, die gemonteerd is op een oranje kraan. Op de achtergrond heb je zicht op Aalst.
Montage van veiligheidsoplossing door RDS Weighing & Safety.

Other safety solutions

Are you looking for ways to make your workplace safer? Also view our reversing alarms and various safety accessories, at RDS we have the solutions that take your safety standards to the next level.