Safe and smooth progress is a prerequisite for a mining process. We offer you a wide range of weighing and safety systems that greatly improve efficiency and safety in mining.

Advanced and calibratable onboard weighing system, specifically developed for use on wheel loaders in the most demanding loading environments.

User-friendly onboard weighing system, suitable for compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, forklift trucks and skid-steer loaders.

User-friendly onboard weighing system for use on both caterpillar or wheeled excavators and material handling machines.

The correct (maximum) weight and perfectly distributed over the axles in one go.

For weighing in rough and though conditions.

Combining high quality and performance with attractive pricing.

The classic floor mounted weighbridge for intense use in rough conditions.

The light version of the MBO for less intense use.

Lightweight weighbridge that can be moved with limited resources. Ideal for rental for shorter periods of time.

A good solutions for medium-term installation (>1 year) without the need for extensive on-site concreting.

The Standard License allows you to weigh from anywhere, via any device with internet access.

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Axle weighers are used in car inspection centers or for companies who want tot check if their truck axles are not overloaded.

A weighing platform with limited filling application.

A reliable, sturdy weighing platform.

A weighing platform for heavy-duty , industrial applications.

A user-friendly and easy to handle scale.

If height becomes critical, this model with minimal height is the solution.

Blind spots of your truck in real-time visible with a 270° camera.

An optimal side view for safer, more efficient and more comfortable manoeuvring thanks to Stoneridge Orlaco's camera and active detection system.

An optimal rear view with the Rearview camera monitor system for your vehicle or machine.

An active warning system for objects and people behind your vehicule our machine.

An optimal view of the load or loading shovel with Toolview.

A wireless multimedia streamer including PTZ camera that transmits live HD video channels over mobile networks.

An advanced, professional, wireless multimedia streamer that transmits live HD video channels over mobile networks.

Warning, directional, localizable and without noise pollution.

Avoid work accidents with machines.