About us

Company profile and history

On February 13, 1987, RDS Electronics was established in Belgium. RDS then decided to distribute electronic equipment, which was developed in Great Britain, in the Benelux. Based on the RDS UK program, the company expanded its range with new products over the years. The wide range reached customers from other sectors and sales were significantly increased. Both the product range and internal support continued to evolve with a view to the future.

The current manager, Jurgen Gheeraert, took over the company from Mike Fraeye in June 2009.  RDS Electronics has since grown into a renowned company where a close-knit team of 29 people is fully at the service of its customers.

Due to the greatly expanded range, RDS Electronics recently underwent a name change to RDS Weighing & Safety. With this, RDS instantly gives a tip of the veil of their product range. So RDS offers weighing and safety systems for various markets.

Our services

General service

We insist on always being able to provide good, overall service. We believe this is the foundation of long term customer satisfaction. RDS is in charge of both rental sales of many systems.


Have your weighing system calibrated in a timely manner to obtain correct and reliable results.

Inspection & maintenance

It goes without saying that frequent inspection and maintenance is important for the reliability of your equipment an the safety of bystanders. We inspect your machine at any time based on your request or as part of a maintenance contract. Checking the weighing function, preventive maintenance, replacement of wear parts, early identification of faults, and so on.


Do you have a problem with one of your systems? Remote diagnositcs or on-site diagnostics enable our service technicians to provide a quick and efficient solution.

Modernisation & upgrades

Is your solution no longer suitable for your situation? RDS Weighing & Safety offers a wide range of modernizations and upgrades. These can be a good alternative to investing in new machines. We can provide both mechanical and electrical upgrades, as well as upgrades of the user software or operating systems have no secrets for us.

Mission and vision

Quality and service always come first at RDS. We continue to invest in people, the organization and the products in order to realize our vision of continuous healthy revenue and profit growth. Within RDS we do a lot of extra effort for:

 Satisfied customers

By offering qualitative electronic complete solutions in close cooperation with the end user, according to the predetermined specifications, at competitive prices and with the necessary flexibility.

 Satisfied employees

By giving employees the tools and possibilities to work in a quality conscious and service-oriented way within pleasant working conditions. Occupational safety is an important element, but in terms of training, investments are also made per employee.

 Satisfied suppliers

Building a long-term relationship with them through correct treatment, correct payment and business handling. Look for suppliers who grow with RDS to deliver safe products and services and guarantee good quality.