Vorklift/ Vorkheftruck met groene wielen


AI monitor ideal for installation in machines, where quickly detecting vehicles and people in the danger zone is crucial.

Een duidelijke, geprojecteerde rode grenslijn aan beide zijden van de heftruck.

Een blauw, geprojecteerd waarschuwingspunt op de grond voor hef- en reachtrucks.

User-friendly onboard weighing system, specifically developed for use on lift trucks in demanding loading environments.

User-friendly onboard weighing system, specially developed for forklift trucks.

Excellent image quality in the most challenging conditions.

An active warning system for objects and people behind your vehicule our machine.

A continuous view of the forks with the Forkview camera monitor system.

The perfect view of the forks of your forklift truck with the Forkview system.

An optimal view of the forks after the free lift of the reach truck.

An optimal frontal view with the Frontview camera system for your truck.

A wireless multimedia streamer including PTZ camera that transmits live HD video channels over mobile networks.

An advanced, professional, wireless multimedia streamer that transmits live HD video channels over mobile networks.

An innovative safety accessory for forklift trucks.

Avoid work accidents with machines.

All time visible safety spot.